In 1975, the Textile Museum of Canada first presented its collection in a modest location in Toronto's Mirvish Village. Fourteen years later, in 1989 we celebrated the opening of our permanent 25,000 square-foot home at 55 Centre Avenue in Toronto. 2015 marked the TMC’s 40th anniversary; the Museum is now an internationally renowned educational institution, recognized for the significance and accessibility of its permanent collections, relevance and diversity of its exhibitions and innovative approaches to educational youth programming.

Founding members circle

Judith Humphries

Betty Mustard

Diane Anderson

Helen Cappadocia

Lynda Colville-Reeves

James Humphries

Paul Cherry

Sherri Brydson

Charlotte Zuppinger

Hilda Aliman

Neill & Eileen Neil

Carolyn Haynes-Volpi

Rosalie Sharp

Lillian Seymour

Deborah Beatty

Edwin Bergsteinsson

Universal Draperies (Ben Nelson)

Cara Operations

Varga Foundation (Mr. & Mrs. A. Varga)

Lloyd Erikson

Malcolm Cooper {Sunworthy Wallcovering)

Thomas P. Kalman

Marie Crookston

Ciba-Geigy - Fraser Smith

Robert Opekar

Diane McMurtry

Hunter Thompson

Suzanne Davis

Dominion Textiles Inc. (Lise Desjardins)

T.E. de Journo & Assoc.

Donna Jean Janes

George O'Bannon

Charlotte Mudge

Lee Smout

Jack Brandes

Mary Ham

Pat Harris

Audrey Hozack

Kalman Czegledy

Sophia Verna

Max Allen

Fred Braida

Flora Macdonald

Hal Jackman

Veronica Tennant