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Curatorial Learning Services Collection

Natalia Nekrassova

Natalia Nekrassova

Curator, Collections and Research
t.(416) 599-5321 x 2225

Natalia has over 30 years experience as a museum curator. Before joining the Textile Museum of Canada in 2002 she was a Senior Researcher, Keeper of Rugs and Decorative Art collections at the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow. She has curated many exhibitions of traditional art and textiles in Moscow and abroad in collaboration with museums in Europe and Asia. For more than 20 years she organized and participated in yearly field trips to Central Asia, Siberia and the Caucasus for research and acquisition of the artifacts for the Museum’s collection. She was an Expert/Consultant on Oriental rugs with the Russian Ministry of Culture and lectured on Islamic art in the Islamic University in Moscow.

At the Textile Museum of Canada Natalia’s research and exhibition interests are in the traditional textiles of Central Asia and the Middle East. Through the series of exhibitions such as “All the Beauty of the World: Rugs from the Land of the Caucasus”, “Wandering Weavers: Nomadic Traditions of Asia”, “Between the Sea and the Desert: the Many Cultures of North Africa”, “Fashionably Wrapped: the Influence of Kashmir Shawls” and others, she made historic and contemporary textiles from Asia and North Africa available to the public within the rich context of the traditional cultures of the regions. Since 2002, in the course of four web projects, she has been intensively cataloguing the TMC’s collection of over 12,000 artifacts to bring it online for global access.

Natalia has been actively participating in the Museum's educational programs with courses and series of lectures and collection seminars on rugs and textiles. She has Master Degree in History of Art from the State Moscow University.