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  • Exhibition: The Cutting Edge
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Image Artifact Name Date/Period Cat. No.
blouse blouse, choli
Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat, Kutch; silk; cotton; glass mirror; satin; embroidered; mirror work; tie-dyed; machine-sewn; Ahir community
1950 - 1990;
mid to late 20th century
bodice bodice
Europe: Western Europe, Belgium, Brussels; flax; bobbin lace; needle lace
1900 - 1920 R 1880 - 1900;
early 20th century
cap cap
Asia: Central Asia, Turkmenistan, Central Turkmenistan; cotton; embroidered; velvet; card woven; Tekke Turkmen
1930 - 1970;
mid 20th century
cap cap, topi
Asia: South Asia, Pakistan, Baluchistan; cotton; silk; glass mirror; embroidered; mirror work; Bugti
1980 - 1990;
late 20th century
chemise chemise
Europe: Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Denmark; linen; plain woven; embroidered; hand-sewn
1800 - 1899;
19th century
chemise set chemise set
Europe: Western Europe, France; cotton; plain woven; white work; lace; hand-sewn
1880 - 1900;
late 19th century
coat coat
Europe: Western Europe, Great Britain, England; silk; linen; metal; plain woven; embroidered; hand-sewn
1700 - 1800;
18th century
dress dress
Europe: Eastern Europe, Balkans, Romania; cotton; crocheted; lace; hand-sewn; embroidered; smocked
1900 - 1986;
20th century
dress dress, sari
Asia: South Asia, Sri Lanka; piña; plain woven; supplementary weft
1800 - 1899;
19th century
dress dress, sari
Asia: South Asia, Bangladesh; cotton; silk; metal thread; plain woven; brocaded
1770 - 1830;
late 18th to early 19th century
dress dress, cheong sam
Asia: East Asia, China; silk; metal; plain woven; satin; embroidered; hand-sewn; machine-sewn
1950 - 1960;
mid 20th century
dress dress, abho
Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat, Kutch, Banni; silk; glass mirror; satin; embroidered; hand-sewn; mirror work; Jat
1850 - 1900;
mid to late 19th century
1 - 12 of 37 Results
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