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  • Exhibition: Perpetual Motion: Material Re-use in the Spirit of Thrift, Utility and Beauty
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Image Artifact Name Date/Period Cat. No.
bed cover bed cover, kantha
Asia: South Asia, India, Eastern India, West Bengal; cotton; embroidered; plain woven
1920 - 1960;
early to mid 20th century
bedding cover bedding cover, dharaniyo
Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat; cotton; glass mirror; wool; plain woven; embroidered; appliquéd; mirror work; reverse appliquéd; machine-sewn
1950 - 1980;
mid to late 20th century
bedspread bedspread, catalogne
North America: Canada, Central Canada, Quebec, Eastern Townships; cotton; hand woven
1900 - 1930;
early 20th century
camel cover camel cover
Asia: Central Asia, Turkmenistan; cotton; wool felt; metal; fur; feather; wool; glass bead; plain woven; warp-faced; appliquéd; embroidered; pieced; quilted; beaded; braided; Turkmen
1900 - 1930;
early 20th century
crazy quilt crazy quilt
North America: Canada, Central Canada, Ontario, Halton County; silk; velvet; satin; pieced; hand-sewn; embroidered
c 1890;
late 19th century; craft
dance skirt dance skirt
Africa: Southern Africa, Zambia; Plant; bamboo; metal
1940 - 1960;
mid 20th century
hanging hanging, kuroki
Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan, Northern Afghanistan; cotton; silk; plain woven; warp-faced; printed; pieced; velvet; ikat; hand-sewn; appliquéd; Uzbek
1930 - 1960;
mid 20th century
hooked rug hooked rug
North America: Canada, Eastern Canada, Nova Scotia, Lunenberg County; burlap; Synthetic; wool; cotton; hooked; machine-sewn
c 1950;
mid 20th century
jacket jacket
Asia: East Asia, China, Tibet; silk; fur; wool; metal thread; brocaded; twill woven; plain woven; appliquéd; hand-sewn
1890 - 1900;
late 19th century
priest's robe priest's robe, kesa
Asia: East Asia, Japan; silk; metal thread; brocaded
1700 - 1799;
18th century
quilt quilt
North America: USA; cotton; silk; pieced; quilted; printed; hand-sewn
1930 - 1940;
mid 20th century
roundel roundel
Africa: North Africa, Egypt; wool; linen; tapestry woven; Copts
600 - 799;
7th to 8th century
1 - 12 of 13 Results
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