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  • Exhibition: Shine
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Image Artifact Name Date/Period Cat. No.
blouse blouse, kanchali
Asia: South Asia, India, Southern India, Karnataka, Shimoga; cotton; silk; glass mirror; pieced; embroidered; mirror work; Banjara
1940 - 1960;
mid 20th century
blouse blouse
Asia: South Asia, India, Northern India, Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi; silk; satin; hand-sewn; machine-sewn
c 1960;
mid 20th century
boot boot
Asia: East Asia, China, Eastern China, Zhejiang, Ningbo; silk; metal sequin; glass bead; wire; cotton; satin; embroidered; printed; appliquéd; glued; Han
1900 - 1990;
20th century
coat coat
Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan; wool; glass bead; Synthetic; metal thread; plain woven; appliquéd; embroidered; beaded; velvet; velvet; Mangal Pashtun
c 1950;
mid 20th century
dress dress, sari
Asia: South Asia, India, Northern India, Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi; silk; metal thread; brocaded; gauze
1900 - 1980;
20th century
dress dress, sari
Asia: South Asia, India, Eastern India, Orissa; silk; metal thread; plain woven; ikat; brocaded
1990 - 2000;
late 20th century; craft
dress dress, abho
Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat, Kutch, Banni; silk; glass mirror; satin; embroidered; mirror work; Memon or Jat
1870 - 1920;
late 19th to early 20th century
dresser scarf dresser scarf
Asia: South Asia, India, Northern India, Delhi territory, Delhi ?; cotton; gold thread; beetle carapace; silk; silver wire; plain woven; embroidered; drawn thread work
1900 - 1920;
early 20th century
festival hat festival hat
Asia: East Asia, China, Northwest China; silk; gold foil/leaf; cardboard; metal thread; silk floss; wire; satin; damask; embroidered; couched; satin stitch; fly stitch; buttonhole stitch; padded; glued; fringed; Han
1880 - 1960;
late 19th to mid 20th century
gift cover gift cover, fukusa
Asia: East Asia, Japan; silk; gold thread; draw loom
1870 - 1899;
late 19th century
hat hat
Asia: South Asia, Pakistan, Northwest Frontier, Indus Kohistan; cotton; coin; metal bead; glass bead; plastic; silk; woven; embroidered; cross stitch; beaded; hand-sewn
1930 - 1970;
mid 20th century
head cloth head cloth
Asia: West Asia, Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Homs; silk; metal thread; brocaded; tasseled; plain woven
1920 - 1960;
early to mid 20th century
1 - 12 of 53 Results
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