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Nos expositions examinent les nombreuses techniques de fabrication et exhibent de façons conventionnelles et expérimentales une gamme de tissus textiles et matières connexes, par des artisans traditionnels et artistes contemporains. Explorez les expositions en ligne et découvrez comment les textiles peuvent nous brancher, entre autres, à la musique, à la couleur, à la fantaisie, à l'humour, aux politiques, aux histoires et au monde naturel.

Expositions en cours

Festival hat, China, early to mid 20th century. T86.0565

Good Beginnings: Children's Hats and Clothing from China

Date 11 février 2015 - 24 mai 2015
Exposition préparée par Natalia Nekrassova et Roxane Shaughnessy

Sommaire d'exposition

One of the most eloquent textile expressions of China is the embroidery undertaken for the delight and protection of children. Among the most elaborate are hats in the shapes of animals, as well as collars, bibs, vests and shoes brightly decorated and embellished with good luck symbols. For festivals and special occasions, Chinese mothers and grandmothers dressed their children in handmade hats representing powerful animals - tigers, dragons, rabbits, and bats which were believed to bestow a child with strength and power, frighten away evil spirits and ensure a prosperous future.

Presented to commemorate the Textile Museum of Canada's 40th anniversary, this exhibition draws from one of the largest and earliest donations to the Museum’s collections and celebrates the richness of Chinese culture and traditions.