Jungle Lowlands - Physical Landscapes

View of the lowland forest

Image: View of the lowland forest, looking southward from the summit of structure N10-9, at Lamanai, Belize.

Physical boundaries shape cultural boundaries. The jungle lowland physical landscape is greatly diversified with varying temperatures, elevations, rainfall, and waterways and by the type of plants and animals found in each region. Three continental plates collide here, and in the past, the region has been subject to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

These links will take you on a journey. You can explore the ancient terrain and see how Mesoamericans adapted to different climates and jungle landscapes. You can discover the indigenous wildlife of the region and learn about the many animals and plants that coexisted with ancient people in the lowlands. As well, you will become familiar with the natural resources Mesoamericans had access to and learn how they used them to build their great cities, clothe their people and feed a population of millions.