Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Chancay - Artifact #6

Textile fragment depicting a human figure - Chancay

WHO: Chancay culture

WHERE: Central coast, Peru

WHEN: Late Intermediate Period/Late Horizon, A.D. 1350-1550

WHAT: Fragment composed of a cotton ground cloth with supplementary weft patterning in camelid and cotton fibre. The main figure is three fingered with a crescent headdress. The crescent headdress, which is difficult to detect because the supplementary threads have disintegrated, indicates some influence from the Chimú culture to the north. What looks like a skirt, is probably an anthropomorphized (part human) stepped-pyramid.

Below the figure are rows of interlocked birds, probably pelicans, in diagonals. This piece is from the late part of the Chancay period, after the northern Chimú kingdom had expanded south to the central coast.
Fragment Height: 29 cm

HOW: Cotton ground cloth with supplementary cotton and camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T85.0517

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