Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Chimú - Artifact #1

Loin cloth - Chimú

WHO: Chimú culture

WHERE: North coast, Peru

WHEN: Late Horizon, A.D. 1450-1550

WHAT: During this time period, we know that the Chimú were making very large loin cloths in this style. This object represents one of two panels from the front flap of a loincloth.

A standardized Chimú pose of standing front faced allows the mythical being depicted to display its elongated serpentine limbs, which end with the head of the Moon Animal. The projections from its head are likely representations of circular ear spools which are common among Chimú and other North Coast artifacts. These ear adornments, together with the crescent headdress are traits of human costume, which are combined with the animal-like limbs and teeth.
Height: 52cm

HOW: Tapestry; cotton warps and camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T85.518

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