Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Lambayeque - Artifact #2

Two-chambered spout and strap vessel - Lambayeque

WHO: Lambayeque culture

WHERE: North coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon/Late Intermediate Period, A.D. 900 - 1250

WHAT: This two-chambered spout and strap vessel combines symbolic images from the highlands and from the coast in depicting a llama with two attendants on one half of the vessel and a Spondylus shell on the other half. The square half of the vessel has geometric designs painted on it that are similar to wall murals at Lambayeque sites, the stylized Spondylus shell which forms the other half is press-moulded to closely imitate a real shell.

HOW: Earthenware with polychrome slip decoration, moulded and hand-modelled elements

MUSEUM: Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art. G83.1.172

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