Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Moche - Artifact #2

Textile fragment - Moche

WHO: Moche culture (Moche-Wari style)

WHERE: North coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon, A.D. 650-850

WHAT: This large fragment, possibly from a tunic, features a male figure holding a throwing stick or staff beside a giant sized zoomorphic creature. The creature appears to be a combination of several animals - feline, serpent and possibly deer or camelid - as well as possibly representing an anthropomorphized version of the staff held by the figure. In their art, the Moche often depicted objects like staffs and clubs as animals, and frequently combined many animal features into one being, giving the object or figure the attributes of all of those animals.
Height: 56cm

HOW: Reinforced tapestry; cotton ground warps and wefts, supplementary camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T85.0520

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