Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Moche - Artifact #4

Loin cloth panel - Moche

WHO: Moche culture (Moche-Wari style)

WHERE: North-central coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon, A.D. 650-1000

WHAT: Panel of loin cloth, slightly flaring, with a geometric design. On the bottom is a row of "masks" that may represent faces with horns or possibly crab-like features. The stepped outlining and serpentine imagery is consistent with Moche-Wari textiles. The geometry of the serpentine pattern resembles a twisted strand of thread, implying another level of meaning associated with the techniques of weaving.
Width: 33 cm

HOW: Tapestry with some dove-tail joins and outlining; cotton warps and camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T88.0017

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