Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Moche - Artifact #8

Border fragment - Moche

WHO: Moche culture (Moche-Wari style)

WHERE: Northern central coast or southern north coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon, A.D. 650 - 850

WHAT: Border fragment. It is tapestry woven on groups of 3 warps, which suggests that it would have continued into plain weave in the body of the shirt. The figures are frontal humans of ambiguous gender. The tumi knife representation on the headdresses worn by the figures is a Moche trait. An additional Moche feature is the serpentine streamers emanating from the head of each figure.
Width: 58 cm

HOW: Slit tapestry woven on groups of 3 warps with occasional dove-tailing and eccentric outlining; cotton warps and camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T85.0519

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