Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Nasca - Artifact #5

Head-cloth - Nasca

WHO: Nasca culture

WHERE: South coast, Peru

WHEN: Early Intermediate Period, A.D. 100-300

WHAT: Possible turban or head-cloth. Portions of the blue ground cloth have been repaired in modern times by sewing ancient blue cloth from another garment over deteriorated areas. The textile is clearly Nasca in form and technique, but it is a modern amalgum of several textiles. The fragments of cross-knit looped tabs do not match seamlessly, and the yarn fringes on the ends are not consistent with the age of the textile. The tab elements of the border fringe depict maize in some cases and beans in others.

HOW: Ground cloth - plain weave camelid warp and weft; border fringe - Cross-knit looping with camelid yarn.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada.

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