Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Wari - Artifact #2

Headband fragment - Wari

WHO: Wari culture (Provincial style)

WHERE: South coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon, A.D. 700-900

WHAT: This fragment of a headband woven on the coast is a coastal interpretation of the highland Wari style. It features three staff-bearing figures and a bird with a hooked beak. The staffs held by the frontal figures have a zoomorphic quality. The raptorial bird, probably a hawk, was a common symbol of power in the Middle Horizon (A.D. 600-1000). The weaving technique of reinforced tapestry provides the effect of the highland Wari technique of interlocked tapestry. This coastal method does not take as long to produce and can be woven on a back-strap loom.
Length: 38.5 cm

HOW: Reinforced tapestry; cotton warps and wefts, supplementary camelid wefts.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T82.0105

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