Museum Collections - Ancient Peru - Wari - Artifact #4

Headband - Wari

WHO: Wari culture (Provincial style)

WHERE: South coast, Peru

WHEN: Middle Horizon, A.D. 700-900

WHAT: Headband with two distorted male staff figures with genitals depicted, woven in a provincial Wari style. Feet and head face in opposite directions. Two double headed S-shaped snakes in boxes are interspersed. This complete headband was woven using the specific highland Wari technique of interlocked tapestry, which is interesting considering this piece was made by coastal people who traditionally did not weave with that technique.
Length: 56 cm

HOW: Interlocked tapestry. Cotton warps with camelid wefts. Single row of cross-knit looped stitch on both long edges.

MUSEUM: Textile Museum of Canada. T82.0104

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