The TMC offers a wide variety of education programs which complement our current exhibitions, our collections and the diversity of textile expressions. Our school visit programs provide students with experiences and activities which are directly linked to the Ontario Curriculum and which cater to all grade levels. Our programs can be adapted to groups with special needs upon request, and we welcome groups from community organizations to participate in our education programs.

Textiles offer a multitude of opportunities for learning from a wide variety of perspectives. The arts, mathematics, science, history, language and culture are all woven into the fabric of hand-made textiles.

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School Visits Programs

Art Explorations (Grades 1 to 12)

Examines textiles'  formal properties as works of art. Through drawing and compositional exercises in the galleries, students will work with design principles and then apply them to textile materials in our hands-on gallery.

Curriculum connections: Visual Art (elements and principles of design).

Fibremath: Patterns, Symmetries and Grids (Grades 1 to 8)

Focuses on the many links between textiles and mathematics. Students will discover how art and math unite to create beauty for our everyday lives.

Curriculum connections: Mathematics (all 5 strands, particularly geometry, patterning and algebra), Visual Art (elements and principles of design).

Textile Story-tellers (Grades 1 to 8)

Explores the ways that textiles tell stories - of their makers, of their cultures, and of their journey through the ancient and modern world and onto our walls. Students' discovery will include looking at and making drawings from exhibited textiles, handling examples from our teaching collection, and telling their own stories using textile techniques.

Curriculum connections: Social Studies, Visual Art, Language Arts.

Textiles for Fashion (Grades 10 to 12)

Introduces students to the world of textiles through raw materials, construction and fabric design, both historic and contemporary.

Curriculum connections: Social Sciences (Secondary), Visual Art (elements and principles of design).

Material Matters (Grades 1-8)

Explores the unique characteristics of the many different materials - plant, animal and synthetic - that are used to construct fabric. Students will consider the reasons for choosing one material over another, and experiment with different techniques to transform raw materials into useful textile objects.

Curriculum connections: Science (all five strands, particularly life systems, and matter and materials).

Our Kindergarten Program (JK-SK)

An hour of play-based learning, storytelling and exploration in fibrespace, the museum’s hands-on interactive gallery.