Beauregard & Lamarre: A Textile Collaboration, 1975-1995

Date: Oct 28, 1995 - Mar 3, 1996
Artist: Monique Beauregard, Robert Lamarre

Beauregard & Lamarre: A Textile Collaboration, 1975-1995 is a 20-year retrospective of printed textiles by Quebec-based artists Monique Beauregard and Robert Lamarre. With shared philosophies, technical expertise, marketing savoir faire, design aesthetics and commitment to education, these two artists have combined to produce a vast body of work that is uniquely Canadian. This 1995 exhibition represents a coming of age for the couple and their textile-making studio enterprise, SÉRI+, and showcases their evolution as artists as well as their remarkable ability to adapt to an ever-shifting marketplace.

Artist Biographies, 1995

Monique Beauregard and Robert Lamarre were born in Montreal - she in 1945, and he in 1950.

Monique graduated in interior design at l'Institut des Arts appliqués in Montreal. She then studied textile design and print at the University of London Goldsmiths' College. Robert graduated in exhibit design from l'Institut des Arts appliqués and went on to study graphic design at the Université du Québec, also in Montreal.
They first met when Monique, returning from England, was employed by a government project to revitalize crafts in eastern Quebec.
In 1974 they started their own business, SÉRI+ (which they still operate), designing and hand printing textiles for interiors. While producing their own decorative fabrics they have developed individual bodies of expressive textile works. 
They have received grants, individually and jointly, from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec. In 1985 they founded the Centre de Recherche et de Design en Impression Textile de Montréal (The Montreal Textile Printing Design and Research Centre). This centre is exclusively dedicated to research, innovation, diffusion and post-secondary teaching of contemporary textile design and printing.

In 1986, and again in 1994, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London accepted the complete SÉRI+ textiles samples in its contemporary textile archives. 

Monique and Robert also act as consultants on different projects of international cooperation in Guinea, India and Mauritius.


Monique Beauregard and Robert Lamarre: A Textile Collaboration, 1975-1995, By Gloria Lesser, 1995