Business Women: Textiles & Commerce of the Hmong, Southeast Asia

Date: Dec 10, 1997 - May 31, 1998
Curated by: Jennifer Angus

When Hmong tribal women were interned in refugee camps on the Thai-Laos border in the 1980s, they took up their needles to support their families by creating household items for European and North American markets. Items such as pillows and bedspreads, developed from techniques and designs used to make Hmong traditional costume, became enormously popular. There was also a demand for old costumes, which Hmong women cut up and applied as embellishment to western style clothing and accessories.

This 1997 exhibition presents the textiles - old and new - that are keeping tradition alive while giving tribal women a stronger voice in the future.



Business Women: Textiles & Commerce of the Hmong