Dark Cloth

Date: May 5 - Oct 3, 2004
Artist: Catherine Heard, Barb Hunt, Marcel Marois, Carl Stewart
Curated by: Sarah Quinton

Dark Cloth conveys a range of social implications on the subject of cloth and its capacity to express powerful ideas about disheartening and violent conditions of contemporary life. Catherine Heard, Barb Hunt, Marcel Marois and Carl Stewart look contentious circumstances of our time in the eye; they challenge audiences to come face-to-face with raw and painful aspects of public and private life, and give intimate human voice to fearsome and dramatic accounts of homophobia, war, human mutation, animal extinction and cosmic annihilation.

Textiles can be compelling in their capacity to generate exquisitely safe, private, domestic environments. Heard, Hunt, Marois and Stewart invert the optimism perceived to be inherent in domestic arts such as quilts, wallpaper and hand weaving, and lead us into a world inhabited by human angst and cruelty. It is through textiles – both literally and metaphorically – that these artists illuminate impossibly harsh human situations and subvert them into confrontational works of art. Darkly articulate, cloth can transmit ideas about worlds both beyond and within our control, true-to-life and illusory.



Dark Cloth, By Sarah Quinton, 2004