Fassett! Patchwork Quilts by Kaffe Fassett

Date: Jun 1 - Oct 16, 2005
Artist: Kaffe Fassett
Curated by: Sarah Quinton

Kaffe Fassett is an internationally renowned figure in the world of textile design. For over 20 years, he has been a phenomenon in the world of how-to books and television programs, do-it-yourself kits and hands-on workshops. His near-evangelical desire to share his insights into colour, pattern and design in the everyday world is endlessly applied to all that he produces: knitting, needlepoint, ceramics, mosaics and printed fabrics. This exhibition presents a selection of his patchwork quilts made over the last eight years. The 2005 exhibition Fassett! is the world premiere of a new series of patchworks of the U.K. artist’s own design, including several quilts made especially for this exhibition.


Fassett has developed a highly accessible and tremendously popular approach to the intuitive application of colour and design for the serious craft aficionado. When asked how he accounts for the fact that his name is a household word in many parts of the world, he plainly stated:

“It’s basically because what I do, anybody else can do. It’s very accessible… I don’t do anything highly technical that people would find difficult to do. The complexity that I bring to it is one of colour and pattern. The construction of anything I make is always very straightforward.”


Sarah Quinton in conversation with Kaffe Fassett, 2005