Hungry Purse

Date: Sept 28, 2007 - Mar 16, 2008
Artist: Allyson Mitchell
Curated by: Sarah Quinton

Hungry Purse: the vagina dentata in late capitalism (2006-07) is a labour intensive, room-sized installation that plays with colour and design, consumption and sexuality. Its fundamental concept, vagina dentata, represents some of our most profound individual and collective fears. From floor to ceiling this installation will at once comfort and cocoon, with large pink pillows and soft carpeting, while at the same time create feelings of unease as visitors confront fears of claustrophobia, mortality and voracious appetites. 



In this installation, Mitchell uses found textiles and handicrafts to erect an "other" space from which the vagina dentata can be considered, accepted and literally "moved through." The sexuality and gender politics that underscores much of Mitchell's work will also be seen and explored in this walk-in installation, Hungry Purse: the vagina dentata in late capitalism (2006-07).