LAM De Wolf

Date: Mar 9 - Mar 24, 1991
Artist: LAM De Wolf

Dutch artist Lam de Wolf presents individually designed art textiles in this 1991 solo exhibition that blur the lines of fashion and art. The sculptures in her installations – made of painted cloth, wood and metal – double as body adornments and jewellery that can be removed from their displays and worn for special occasions.

Amsterdam-based fibre artist, Lam de Wolf, breaks down conventional distinctions between fine art and clothing with groundbreaking wearable sculpture and unique wall-mounted installations.



Made from a combination of hard and soft materials including cloth, wood and iron, de Wolf’s colour-charged jewellery combines the notions of body adornment with “protection from the elements” and other environmental themes.

Her textile wall murals, made from fragments of patterned cloth and wood, stand alone as integral works or can be removed from their mounts to be used as headgear and parasols. This is innovative and multi-functional art that realizes fluidity in both purpose and design.