Natural Resources: Textiles and Material Translation

Date: Oct 17, 2012 - Jan 6, 2013
Curated by: Natalia Nekrassova and Roxane Shaughnessy

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Drawing from the TMC’s rich international collection, Natural Resources explores artifacts from a variety of global sites and their translation into environmental materials through their structure, technology, function and surface design. While today's “smart” fabrics are frequently associated with architectural design, textiles as sustainable resources and architectural solutions have a long history going back to Palaeolithic times, representing an archetypal form of “green” material that has endured to the present day. The exhibition explores the interrelationships among the complex properties of materials and their construction, function and design, and investigates new innovations where invented forms reference traditional techniques and technologies.


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Curator’s Tour
Wednesday, December 12, 2012, 6:30 pm
Join us for an in-depth tour of this exhibition that explores the relationship of traditional textiles and their structures to new materials in architecture and design. 

Free admission.