Pictorial Space: New Textile Images

Date: Sep 15 - Dec 2, 1990
Artist: Marna Goldstein Brauner, Nancy Edell, Marcel Marois
Curated by: Susan Warner Keene

The 1990 exhibition Pictorial Space: New Textile Images focuses on the work of three artists: Marna Goldstein Brauner, Nancy Edell and Marcel Marois, and provides an opportunity to take a closer look at contemporary storytelling and the significance of individual techniques – in this case, textile collage, rug hooking and woven tapestry.

Each artist takes a highly personalized approach to the invention of the imagery, deriving iconography from personal experience and extending it into allegorical narrative forms. Inextricable from this narrative is the physical nature of the objects themselves – the interplay of image and structure affirms the possibility of an expressive textile art that can refine the language of material and process while speaking of life and spirit.



Pictorial space: New textile images focuses on the work of three artists: Marna Goldstein Brauner, Nancy Edell and Marcel Marois. Each of the artists takes a highly individual approach to imagery and medium. In bringing their work together, the exhibition provides a welcome opportunity to take a close look at contemporary intentions and methods.

Marna Goldstein Brauner uses photo silkscreen methods to layer and repeat images on linen cloth, then goes on to add further layers of embroidery, beading and sequins until her cloths attain great richness and density.

Nancy Edell’s hooked rugs reflect her interest in the conflict between myth and reality, particularly as it is expressed in sexual politics. Her choice of this medium – commonly dismissed as merely a comfortable domestic textile – enhances the irony she portrays.

Marcel Marois is a Quebec City artist whose large tapestries have won him an international reputation. While working with traditional Gobelin weaving techniques (characteristic of tapestry produced at the Gobelins works in Paris, France), Marois draws on news-media coverage of environmental issues for his powerful images, which are tense with an atmosphere of crisis.



Pictorial Space - Curatorial Essay, By Susan Warner Keene