Seeing Through Layers

Date: May 2 - Aug 2, 1992
Artist: Jennifer Angus, Verle Harrop, Mary Anne Jordan, Erica Licea-Kane, Susan Dawman-Wilchins
Curated by: Gitte Hansen, Judith Tinkl

Since opening in 1989, the Contemporary Gallery of The Museum for Textiles has worked towards achieving a program of exhibitions, lectures and discussions that effectively address the needs and concerns of the professional art community and the interested public. Whether decorative or expressive, the works exhibited have demonstrated how contemporary textile art firmly rests on long and substantial traditions from cultures worldwide, while simultaneously materializing the makers’ personal observations and self-exploration.

The artists in Seeing Through Layers succinctly juxtapose these two sources to effect their examination of people, art and society. Familiar textile materials are utilized, but in a manner that focuses attention on the dynamics of the issues confronted. Jennifer Angus, Verle Harrop, Mary Anne Jordan, Erica Licea-Kane and Susan Dowman Wilchins continue the Contemporary Gallery’s devotion to the thoughtful interpretation and discourse on contemporary art.

Lynne Milgram, Coordinator
Contemporary Gallery



Seeing Through Layers By Gitte Hansen and Judith Tinkl, 1992


Artist Statements, 1992