She Will Always Be Younger Than Us

Date: Feb 11 - Sep 7, 2009
Artist: Orly Cogan, Gillian Strong, Wednesday Lupypciw, Cat Mazza and Ginger Brooks Takahashi
Curated by: Allyson Mitchell

She Will Always Be Younger Than Us brings together a selection of artists whose work counts among its influences the practice of Judy Chicago. Orly Cogan, Wednesday Lupypciw, Cat Mazza, Gillian Strong and Ginger Brooks Takahashi are young artists whose work is explicitly engaged with feminist politics through the use of textile, thread and fibre. Their work ranges from video to embroidery, performance and sculpture with the political intention to ignite politics and question culture.


Additional Information

Judy Chicago is one among many artists finding themselves the focus of a renaissance in second-wave ideas and aesthetics among young feminist artists. This renaissance is about honour, awe and respect; while feminism is old news, it is also ‘forever young.’ Young women have always been active in the practices of feminism and have been at the centre of feminist organization in all of feminism’s ‘waves.’ While feminism may be as old as the suffragists, it is also as young as its newest enthusiast. As young feminists now, more than ever, look to the past to appropriate, negotiate and refashion ideas and strategies that came before, the possibilities of intergenerational dialogue are moving into exciting new territory.

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