The Tim Jocelyn Collection

Date: Nov 9, 1995 - Mar 17, 1996
Artist: Tim Jocelyn
Curated by: Sybil Goldstein, The Tim Jocelyn Art Foundation

"I have always been interested in clothing as an art form and I believe what we wear influences and expresses our lives. There are surface design traditions in every culture and a tradition of artists creating works of art specifically to be worn. Many artists, including Picasso, Matisse and Sonia Delauney, have worked in the 'wearables' medium. All of these traditions contribute to what I am trying to achieve in my work."  Tim Jocelyn, 1985  

This 1995 exhibition presents an overview of the artistic oeuvre of Toronto artist Tim Jocelyn, including clothing, banners, wall panels, screens and furniture.



When Tim Jocelyn died from an AIDS-related illness at age 34 in 1986, he left behind a legacy of love and talent unequalled in the Toronto art scene.  Anyone who knew Tim was touched by his elegance, wit and generosity of spirit. When it was obvious he was succumbing rapidly to AIDS, his friends organized the Ooga Booga Benefit at Theatre Passe Muraille. The city's finest singers, musicians and artists gathered in front of an over-capacity crowd to express their feelings for Tim, both the man and the artist.

Tim Jocelyn's brief yet significant contribution to Toronto's Queen Street art scene began in 1981, when he and Andy Fabo organized The Fashion Show, Jaywalking the Intersection of Fashion & Art at the Theatre Centre. Tim had the unique ability to bring together diverse groups of artists who worked to create an art event that was closer to a "happening" than a show. This culminated with Chromaliving  in 1983, a rare, watershed exhibition of 150 artists, designers, performers and installation artists at the Colonnade on Bloor Street.

Tim originally defined himself as a "Fashion Artist," but in less than a decade, his production moved from brocaded vests and appliquéd garments to papercuts and kinetic sculpture. From silk to MACtac, any material Tim used was transformed into an art form that was both stunning and unique.

It has been almost 10 years since Tim's passing, yet his work remains as vital and innovative today as it was when it was created. This exhibition presents the range of Tim Jocelyn's artistic output. Featured are examples of his screens, banners, clothing and furniture, along with some of the papercuts produced for the Astrolabe at Expo '86. This is an opportunity to view the collection as a whole and to remember an artist whose memory and work will remain forever young.

Sybil Goldstein