Warren Seelig: Machina Textrina

Date: Oct 5, 1997 - Mar 30, 1998
Artist: Warren Seelig
Curated by: Philip Beesley

Warren Seelig’s 1996 exhibition Machina Textrina is composed of tailored bands of synthetic fabrics stretched across sculptural frameworks of hand-wrought stainless-steel rods. Seelig states: “When yielding to its natural geometric form, textile becomes an energy field which increases in power proportionally to its abstraction and simplicity.” This artist brings contrasting aspects of textile production to light as he elaborates upon cloth’s abstract qualities and familiar forms, the craft of weaving by hand as well as industrialized and scientific processes, and rational yet highly personalized structural features.


Curatorial essay: Opening Textile, By Philip Beesley, 1996

Warren Seelig: Machina Textrina, By Sarah Bodine and Michael Dunas