Executive Producer

Textile Museum of Canada


Project Partners

Canadian Culture Online

Canadian Heritage

ecentricarts Inc.

ecentricarts Inc.

StoryZoo Studios, ltd.

ZooStory, ltd.

Cultural Human Resources Council

The Cultural Human Resources Council

Willoughby Associates, ltd.

Willoughby Associates, ltd.

Concentric Media

Concentric Media

Project Management, Research and Content Development

Project Director
John Dalrymple

Lead Writer and Curator
Patricia Bentley

Concept Development, Research Lead, Audio Asset Implementation
Amber Yared

Editing, Information Design, Script Development
Adrian Herscovici

Promotions and Communications Lead
Beth Sharpe

Project Coordinator
Nataly Ji

French Translation

Project Assistant
Alexandra Pearcey

Research Assistant
Christian Hernandez

New Media Development

Web Site Design
ecentricarts Inc.

Web Creative Lead
Michel Blondeau

Project Management
Jessie Bonisteel

Lead Designer, Developer
Darren Cooney

Laurence Middleton, Mark Staplehurst

Computer Generated Animations
Matthew Hemming

Video Post Production

Project Digitization

Content Management System
Willoughby Associates, Ltd.

Digitization Team Lead
Roxane Shaughnessy

Curatorial Cataloguing
Natalia Nekrassova

Cataloguing and Artifact Preparation
Kat O’Shaughnessy

Artifact Preparation
Margaret Ballantyne

Maciek Linowski

Information Technology Consulting
James Harding

Kristie Taylor

Audio Interviews

Nobu Adilman
Max Allen
Susan Barkley
Breanna and Kaelan
Deepali Dewan
Micah Donovan
Gábor Klaniczay
Angela Moore
Philip Pritchard
Christina Zeidler

Voice-Over Talent

John Armstrong
Steven Francis
Colin Lee
Monique MacLeod
Arash Rahimpour

Special Thanks

Greg Woodbury, Charles Street Video
Sanjay Mehta
Sandra Webster-Cook, Art Gallery of Ontario
Cathy Stewart, Royal Ontario Museum
Wiryawan Padmonojati, Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia
Natalie Davis
Andréa Picard
Kelsang Lama
Janine Bensasson-Janniere
Hari Krishnan
John Cowling
Amchok Gompo Dhondup
Jane Liu
Roopa Kanal
Lily Chan
Gala Taskanovic
David Field and his students at Rosedale Heights Secondary School