In Touch: Connecting Cloth, Culture + Art

We come across textiles of many styles and colours every day. Each one is a product of human creation, some practical, others ornamental. The stories and images depicted on cloth represent a recording of tradition and history – they are humans, deities and other figures found in everyday life. Enter now and discover five worlds of textiles.

Human hands transform raw materials into textile objects of beauty and meaning. Textiles express different ways of living and reveal stories about their makers. On cloth, our traditions are deepened, diversified and documented in manners unique to particular cultures or environments.

Choose a World to begin.

The Invisible World

People pour their beliefs, philosophies and aspirations into the creation of textiles, but the meaningful imagery is not always apparent. Reveal the invisible world of the imagination.

The Fabricated World

A textile tells a story, perhaps of a secret wish, or of a very public political drama. Look beyond the surface to learn about the people who make textiles and the communities in which they live.

The Macroscopic World

Extreme conditions and unique geographical areas affect the way a textile is made, worn and conserved. Travel to different places and discover how environments impact the creation of textiles.

The Patterned World

Geometry, symmetry and creativity combine to create patterns that reveal the stories of their makers. Speak in the language of textiles by examining the principles of colour, design and composition.

The Microscopic World

The wide array of materials and details used in the creation of textiles is often overlooked by the human eye. Discover how textiles are created and how they come apart.