Clotheswap: Toronto Fringe Festival

It's a Show. It's a Swap. It's Both. 

Clotheswap invites members of the audience to bring bags of used clothing to serve as fodder for improv within the performance. After the performance, these garments will be donated to Sistering and Dress for Success.

​Examining the seams of empathy among women, the high cost of fast fashion and the stories our bodies tell; Clotheswap is a show, a Clothing Swap, and free admission to one of Toronto’s greatest and most unique museums.  The world premiere of Clotheswap will take place at the Toronto Fringe July 3-14 at the Textile Museum of Canada.

Directed by Dale Boyer and featuring Amanda Barker, Cassie Cao, Ashley Comeau, Tarah Consoli, and Karen Parker.

Performance Times:

Wednesday July 3 - 12pm & 7pm

Thursday July 4 - 12pm

Friday July 5 - 12pm & 3pm

Saturday July 6 - 12pm

Tuesday July 9 - 12pm

Wednesday July 10 - 12pm & 7pm

Thursday July 11 - 12pm

Friday July 12 - 12pm & 3pm

​Saturday July 13 - 12pm

Purchase tickets online from the Toronto Fringe Festival