Slow Food: Craft Macaroni & Cheese

Date: February 03, 2016
Time: 6:30 - 8 pm

Campbell House Museum
160 Queen Street West, Toronto
* This program is sold out.


Explore the roots of contemporary food culture in nineteenth century heritage foodways during a special visit to Campbell House Museum. Discover what the iconic contemporary comfort food, macaroni and cheese, reveals about evolving tastes, class and economic systems over time. Enjoy samples prepared by culinary historian and curator Liz Driver in the historic kitchen of the oldest remaining house from the original town of York. Highlighting an alternative to the evolution of slow food to fast food, Conscious Consumption participants will be introduced to models of food processing and local production that can help us understand issues of sustainability today.


Conscious Consumption is presented with the support of TD Friends of the Environment as well as the K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation.