Textile Teach-in: Métis Finger Weaving

In this workshop with Alicia Blore, participants will learn the basics on how to finger weave a mini sash. Participants will also learn about the history and cultural ties the sash has with the Métis nation. 

About Alicia Blore 

Born and raised in Toronto, Alicia Blore has never forgotten her Manitoba Métis roots. Alicia has been involved with her Métis community and The Métis Nation of Ontario as a summer student, volunteer, and staff member for several years now. As a youth, Alicia had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of Métis-specific initiatives provincially, nationally, and internationally, where she gained Métis traditional knowledge including finger weaving, beading, jigging/dancing, and Métis fiddling from various Métis traditional knowledge holders. 


This workshop is free and open to all.  Suitable for ages 8 and up.  

As Métis finger weaving has particular cultural significance within the Métis community, 50% of the spots in this workshop will be set aside for Métis and Indigenous participants.  

Please email arichard@textilemuseum.ca to register; if you identify as Indigenous, please indicate this in your email.