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TMC Publications

As part of its mandate to celebrate historic and contemporary textile expressions, the Textile Museum of Canada has produced many publications and catalogues, covering a diverse range of exhibitions and textile-related subjects.

From Ashgabat to Istanbul: Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections

Essays by Natalia Nekrassova, Neil Brochu, Sarah Fee and Others

Textile Museum of Canada; First Edition © 2014
168 pages, 94 colour ill., 22 x 22 cm in softcover
$29.95 CDN

The wide-ranging cultural inquiry undertaken by the TMC over these decades has situated the Museum at the intersection of objects, ideas and the public sphere. With a globe-spanning repository of cultural heritage representing over 13,000 artifacts and a dynamic contemporary art program, the Textile Museum of Canada is uniquely positioned to speak to the changing textures of global culture —and of our thoroughly global communities. Oriental rugs, in this context, exemplify the complex interaction of local cultures and wide-reaching forces of globalization over hundreds of years. These handmade artifacts, created to provide necessities of everyday life in Eastern cultures, reflect inevitable changes that have taken place in response to evolving influences, ultimately becoming prized decorative furnishings and artistic objects in Western markets.

From Ashgabat to Istanbul Catalogue cover

Ancestry and Artistry: Maya Textiles from Guatemala

Essays by Roxane Shaughnessy, Donna E. Stewart and Others

Textile Museum of Canada; First edition © 2013
120 pp 60 col. ill., 8.625 x 8.625 in softcover
$29.95 CDN.

Cloth holds great importance for Guatemala's indigenous communities, and traditional dress plays an essential role in Maya identity today as a vital link with the ancestral past and a means of cultural reinvention. Whether worn for religious ceremonies or as an emblem of ethnic pride, textiles offer a medium for innovation and creative expression, as well as a marketable product for the tourist industry. Through a range of perspectives reflecting on Maya identity and the effects of global influences on culture and community life in Guatemala, Ancestry and Artistry traces a century of dynamic change as well as the remarkable continuity of ancient Maya traditions in the face of significant modernization, political upheaval, and religious transformation.

Ancestry and Artistry

Marimekko, With Love

Shauna McCabe with Contributions from Janis Kravis and Armi Ratia

Textile Museum of Canada © 2013
95 pp 54 col. ill., 8 x 6.5 in softcover
$24.95 CDN.

Part of the broader mid-century modern ethos, Marimekko made its first forays into fabric and fashion design in 1951 and would change the visual landscape indelibly. Marimekko, With Love highlights the Finnish company’s early international growth under the leadership of Armi Ratia and the personal relationships that shaped its impact in North America. Featuring classic patterns from Marimekko’s dynamic design history, the publication also includes a rich array of documentary materials that provide insight into the company’s introduction to audiences in Canada and the United States through the dialogues between Ratia and the founders of design studios such as Karelia in Toronto, Ontario and Design Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Including over 50 images reproduced in full colour, many never published before, as well as original contributions by Armi Ratia and Janis Kravis, founder of Toronto’s Karelia, this book is essential reading for those wishing to understand mid-century design and the social relationships at the heart of global culture.

Marimekko, With Love

Kai Chan

Essays by Sarah Quinton, Shannon Anderson and Charles Guilbert

Co-produced by the Textile Museum of Canada and the Varley Art Gallery of Markham; © 2010
87 pages, 27 colour ill., 20.25 x 26.5 cm in softcover
$35.00 CDN.

A 35-year retrospective documenting the work of Toronto-based artist Kai Chan, A Spider's Logic brings together key artworks, many of which have never been seen together before. Chan’s work is critically received equally within the discipline of textiles and the visual arts in general. 'A master of the unremarkable', Chan has successfully altered the gene pool of what constitutes sculpture and what constitutes textiles. The essays presented here bring together different perspectives and responses to Chan's work. Sarah Quinton, Shannon Anderson and Charles Guilbert's texts are insightful, attentive to his evolving concerns, and offer an in-depth reading of a lifelong practice.

Kai Chan: A Spider's Logic

Faces & Mazes: Lia Cook

Edited by Wendy Weiss with essays by Christin J. Mamiya, Judith Leemann and Wendy Weiss

Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; ©2009
60 pages, colour ill., 21.5 x 21.5 cm in softcover 978 O-9748295-5-2
$20.00 CDN

Faces & Mazes is an exhibition of unique electronic Jacquard loom hand weavings Lia Cook developed over the past six years in her studio in Oakland, California. In this current work, she examines both human and doll faces, embedded in a lattice-like weave structure. Cook is an artist whose depth and originality are explored in the essays written for this catalogue. The work flows from Cook's passion for extending our understanding of the interconnectedness of cloth as a medium of expression and a tactile experience.

Faces & Mazes: Lia Cook

Suzanne Swanne Textil: Danish Modern

Essays by Ingrid Jenkner, Rachel Gotlieb, Sheila Stevenson & Ron Shuebrook

Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax; ©2008

64 pages, 20 colour ill., 10 x 8 in softcover 978-1-894518-47-5
$20.00 CDN

This retrospective publication documents the weavings and textile installations of Suzanne Swannie. Since the 1970s the Danish-born artist has created functional textiles, tapestries and large architectural installations for private and public environments. Both the woven works and the constructions display the “Danish Modern” principle of repetition of modular units as a means of generating surfaces and structures, with a typical emphasis on rich colour harmonies. Swannie moves adroitly between industry, craft and the art world, gaining from each, apologizing to none. The authors situate Swannie’s work in relation to historical modernism and provide a chronology of the artist’s 40-year career.

Danish Modern: Suzanne Swannie Textil

When Women Rule the World: Judy Chicago in Thread and She Will Always Be Younger Than Us: Orly Cogan, Wednesday Lupypciw, Cat Mazza, Gillian Strong and Ginger Brooks Takahashi

Essays by Allyson Mitchell, Sarah Quinton and Jenni Sorkin

Textile Museum of Canada and The Art Gallery of Calgary; ©2009

106 pages, colour ill., 27.5 x 20 cm in softcover
$35.00 CDN

When Women Rule the World: Judy Chicago in Thread surveys some of Judy Chicago’s most engaging work in textiles, spanning her career from 1971 to the present. The interpretation of these works reveals not only the tenacity of her practice, but also the thoughtful development of her political and aesthetic strategies through the creation of the Birth Project (1980-1985), the Holocaust Project (1985-1993) and Resolutions: A Stitch in Time (1994-2000) and What if Women Ruled the World (2008).

She Will Always Be Younger Than Us profiles five artists who take this notion to heart are profiled alongside Chicago, underscoring her ongoing and unmistakable influence and creating an intergenerational dialogue with Chicago’s most recent work.

When Women Rule the World

A Terrible Beauty

By Eve-Lyne Beaudry and Sarah Quinton

Co-produced by the Textile Museum of Canada, Musée d'art de Joliette in Quebec and the Dennos Museum Center in Michigan; ©2008
96 pages, colour ill., 20.5 x 26.5 cm in softcover
$30.00 CDN

The Textile Museum of Canada, the Dennos Museum Center at Northwestern Michigan College and the Musée d'art de Joliette are proud to present the first solo catalogue of Jennifer Angus, a multidisciplinary artist who is also a teacher, writer and curator. This catalogue documents three remarkable installations in the series A Terrible Beauty: "Creature Comforts," at the Textile Museum of Canada from November 26, 2005 through May 14, 2006; "Compulsion and Repulsion," at the Dennos Museum Center from December 10, 2006 through March 4, 2007; and "To Have and to Hold," at the Musée d'art de Joliette from September 23, 2007 through January 6, 2008.

A Terrible Beauty Catalogue cover image

Close to You

By Sarah Quinton

Co-produced by the Textile Museum of Canada and the Dalhousie Art Gallery

48 pages, 17 colour ill., 21 x 29 cm in softcover
$25.00 CDN (including GST)

Featuring the artwork of Ai Kijima, Scott Kildall, Allyson Mitchell, Mark Newport and and Michèle Provost Close to You examines the use of idioms and images in popular culture. Often viewed solely as a means of self-expression for the artist, crafts also offer insight into social ideologies and critique mass media systems. This exhibition catalogue includes rich visual imagery accompanying an essay by curator Sarah Quinton, with a foreword by Peter Dykhuis. See Close to You at the Textile Museum of Canada from June 4 to October 12, 2008. Featuring the artwork of Ai Kijima, Scott Kildall, Allyson Mitchell, Mark Newport.

Close To You

The Blues Resource Guide

By Patricia Bentley

Produced by the Textile Museum of Canada; © 2007
24 pages, 16 colour ill., 21x24 cm in softcover
$10.00 CDN

The Blues Resource Guide explores the history, methodologies and social context behind textiles featured in The Blues exhibition. The exhibition and related guide features textiles from West Africa, East Asia and Canada with works by six contemporary artists whose techniques are embedded in concepts of blue. Designed for teachers and life-long learners, the Resource Guide includes a comprehensive set of activities, both research-based and hands-on, that allow you to learn by doing.

The Blues Resource Guide

Wandering Weavers: Nomadic Traditions of Asia

By Natalia Nekrassova

Produced by the Textile Museum of Canada; © 2006
48 pages, 25 colour ill., 10x10 cm in softcover
$20.00 CDN

The Textile Museum of Canada holds a wide variety of traditional textiles from Asia and Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. Through these textiles, the author draws a picture of traditional nomadic life, a life that is gradually vanishing as a result of rapid social and economic changes. The textiles discussed include a broad range of items made by nomadic people of Central and West Asia: Turkmen, Kazakh and Kirghiz, Uzbek, Baluch and Shahsevan, Bakhtiari, Kurds and Qashqai. The rugs, tents, clothing and animal gear show various textile techniques.

Wandering Weavers: Nomadic Traditions of Asia

Thor Hansen: Crafting a Canadian

By Rachel Gotlieb

© 2005

$9.95 CDN
14 colour illustrations, 11 black and white, 32 pages plus covers


Thor Hansen: Crafting a Canadian

Fibremath Resource Guide - SOLD OUT

By Patricia Bentley

Produced by the Textile Museum of Canada, © 2003
57 pages; 6 colour transparencies
$20.00 CDN (including GST)

The Fibremath Resource Guide is a collection of textile activities for use by teachers and parents, based on the K-8 Mathematics and Visual Arts curricula. Each activity has been tested repeatedly in the Textile Museum of Canada with classes of visiting schoolchildren, and is accompanied by diagrams, blackline masters and suggested resources. Six images of textiles in our collection are also included as transparencies for overhead projection.

Fibremath Resource Guide

Boys with Needles

By Anna-Marie Larsen and Robin Metcalfe

Co-produced by Museum London
16 pages; 9 colour ill.; 25 cm; © 2004
$5.95 CDN

Catalogue of an exhibition of works by four male artists who use fibre to express their sexual philosophies and to incite dialogue about the role of homosexuality in religion, technology, media and the arts. Two essays elucidate the intentions and ramifications of the artistic production of David Grenier, Neil MacInnis, Thomas Roach and Patrick Traer.

Boys with Needles

Cloth & Clay: Communicating Culture

By Roxane Shaughnessy, John Dalrymple
and Diane Wolfe

Co-produced by the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
CD-ROM; Compatable with PC and Mac platforms
12 page booklet; 6 colour ill.; 13.5 cm; © 2002
$20.00 CDN

An exploration of two thousand years of Mexican, Central and South American culture and history. Ceramics and textiles, both ancient and contemporary, are featured in the interactive, image-rich environment of a CD-ROM. Includes a full-colour booklet presenting a curatorial essay and index. Of particular use to the teacher and researcher but accessible to school-children.

Cloth & Clay

Comfort Zones: Textiles in the Canadian Landscape

By Marijke Kerkhoven and Sarah Quinton

32 pages; 18 ill. (12 colour); 16 cm; © 2001
$10.00 CDN

A collection of textile icons of Canadian identity, created to adapt and identify with the Canadian environment. Features the work of six contemporary Canadian artists alongside traditional textiles from across the nation.

Comfort Zones: Textiles in the Canadian Landscape

On Growth and Form: Textiles and the Engineering of Nature

By Philip Beesley, Rachel MacHenry & Evelyn von Michalofski

32 pages; 16 ill. (12 colour); 16 cm; © 2001
$10.00 CDN

An exhibition of textiles and contemporary technology focusing on the theme of artificially constructed nature. Catalogue includes the essay “Making Nature� by Phillip Beesley. Participants include Kenneth Snelson, Ann Richards, Sophie Roët, Chuck Hoberman and others.

On Growth and Form: Textiles and the Engineering of Nature

Wildlife: A Field Guide to the Post-Natural

By Lisa Gabrielle Mark

32 pages; 11 colour ill.; 16 cm; © 2001
$10.00 CDN

Five artists use textiles to emphasize the interaction of nature with technology and culture. Each artist hints at the self-conscious irony of a species torn between its capacity to make reality according to its own designs and the undeniable necessity of finding harmony with those already in existence. Catalogue features text and photographs of each artist's work.

Wildlife: A Field Guide to the Post-Natural

Celebrating Virtue: Prestige Costume and Fabrics of Late Imperial China

By John. E. Vollmer

16 pages; 19 ill. (17 colour); 25 cm; © 2000
$9.95 CDN

Garments and textiles dating from the 17th to early 20th century that demonstrate the pageantry and opulence of China's last Imperial age.

Celebrating Virtue: Prestige Costume and Fabrics of Late Imperial China

Janet Morton: Wool Work

By Sarah Quinton

17 pages; 25 ill. (23 colour); 17 cm; © 2000
$10.00 CDN

Through her juxtaposition of the traditional techniques of knitting with contemporary subject matter, Janet Morton demonstrates the flexibility and richness of textiles as a contemporary art making medium. Catalogue includes images from the Woolwork exhibition, as well as the installation Cozy.

Janet Morton: Wool Work

Felt: Social History, Technical Processes and Artists' Projects

By Kathryn Walter

84 pages; 90 b/w ill.; 21 cm; © 1999
$15.00 CDN

Focused on mechanically manufactured felt and its production and use in a Canadian context. This exhibition catalogue includes new artwork created by local contemporary artists and an outline of the social history of felt in Canada - from the fur trade to popular culture. Catalogue includes a felt insert.

Felt: Social History, Technical Processes and Artists' Projects

Gather Beneath the Banner: Political and Religious Banners of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union 1877-1932

By Wendy Harker and Max Allen

63 pages; 49 ill. (8 colour); 28 cm; © 1999
$20.00 CDN

Twenty-one embroidered and painted textile banners made by members of the WCTU. The catalogue discusses the social and cultural significance of these artifacts in both historical and contemporary terms. Includes archival photographs.

Gather Beneath the Banner: Political and Religious Banners of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union 1877-1932

Told and Retold: An Inquiry About Hair

By Sarah Quinton and Jennifer Fisher

32 pages; 16 b/w ill.; 20 cm; © 1999
$10.00 CDN

A collaborative sound installation by Anne Wilson and A.B. Forster, where human experiences of hair loss, both voluntary and involuntary, have been voiced. Catalogue includes essays by Sarah Quinton and Jennifer Fisher.

Told and Retold: An Inquiry About Hair



Co-produced by the Textile Museum of Canada and the Dalhousie Art Gallery; © 2007
48 pages, 17 colour ill., 21x 29 cm in softcover
$25.00 CDN (including GST).

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Close To You

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