Boy’s fish skin costume

Wenfeng You, a Hezhe woman, made this outfit for her grandson using 25 salmon, which were caught by family members. She scraped, dried and worked the skins to make them light and soft as cotton, yet durable, waterproof and cold-resistant. She pieced them together in accordance with the colour and scale patterns of the fish.

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If you were to wear clothes made from a food you eat, which food would you choose and how would you wear it?

responded: Sep 14, 2011

Posted by Olga

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If I were to create a piece of clothing from food , I would use letuce and also cut up some carrots. With letuce you can make a playful, circular short skirt and carrots can be cut in different shapes to give some color to the skirt and add some detail. My skirt would not last for too long and would probably be eaten by the end of the day but it still makes a fun project to do. To create something more durable, you can make necklaces and earrings out of dried fruits and vegetables. They can be tied up with some durable thread and voila you got yourself a new unique piece of jewelry. The salmon skin outfit is really incredible beacause it took al lot of work to make it look like a good looking suit.

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