Boy’s fish skin costume

Wenfeng You, a Hezhe woman, made this outfit for her grandson using 25 salmon, which were caught by family members. She scraped, dried and worked the skins to make them light and soft as cotton, yet durable, waterproof and cold-resistant. She pieced them together in accordance with the colour and scale patterns of the fish.

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If you were to wear clothes made from a food you eat, which food would you choose and how would you wear it?

responded: Sep 18, 2011

Posted by Sissi Ke

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If I were to wear clothes made from a food I eat, it would be with Diamond Shreddies Cereal, which are square shaped wheat cereal. I like the texture of the square wheats, and I can sew them together with thread to make a corset or even a vest. Since they have holes all around, it will be easy to do so. The garment will be structured, yet flexible since the squares are small in size and will give an amour like appearance. I might even weave a coloured ribbon through the wheats, around the waist as a waistband. It will give it a pop of colour against the neutral colour. However, the garment might be a little itchy to wear against bear skin, so I will probably wear a bandeau or tank underneath. I can just imagine it now...time for a new project!

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