Boy’s fish skin costume

Wenfeng You, a Hezhe woman, made this outfit for her grandson using 25 salmon, which were caught by family members. She scraped, dried and worked the skins to make them light and soft as cotton, yet durable, waterproof and cold-resistant. She pieced them together in accordance with the colour and scale patterns of the fish.

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If you were to wear clothes made from a food you eat, which food would you choose and how would you wear it?

responded: Jan 29, 2012

Posted by LC

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Corn is an extremely versatile vegetable both as a food item and as an alternate resource. The corn plant is relatively easy to grow and harvest, and can be used to create or accompany many dishes from breakfast to dessert. Due to the great accessibility of corn, large quantities can be gathered and inedible remnants like the corn husk, leaf and silk can be processed into numerous products. Development in technology has already allowed us to create fuel, insulation, paper, and fabric from corn1. Manufacturers of corn fabric claim it is washable, dryable, hygroscopic, and compostable2. However as I do not have the necessary abilities and resources to create fabric from corn, alternate solutions must be sought. The leaves of the corn plant can be woven and dried to create a thick sheet that can be used for footwear or headwear. The silk of the corn can potentially be spun along with thinly shredded leaves to create yarn. This can be made into clothing. The husk of the corn can be carved into items like soles of shoes, buttons, beads, and surface detailing. Corn is gifted with many varying components from hard husks to soft silks. It will allow many practical uses for clothing and lifestyle.

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