Boy’s fish skin costume

Wenfeng You, a Hezhe woman, made this outfit for her grandson using 25 salmon, which were caught by family members. She scraped, dried and worked the skins to make them light and soft as cotton, yet durable, waterproof and cold-resistant. She pieced them together in accordance with the colour and scale patterns of the fish.

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If you were to wear clothes made from a food you eat, which food would you choose and how would you wear it?

responded: Apr 11, 2012

Posted by Alex L

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I think I would make an outfit out of seaweed, its healthy? I think that it would be rather had to make a piece of clothing out of food considering mostly all times of food decay over time. Like you can't really wear a meat dress ( like lady Gaga's) because it would start getting maggots and flies as time passes on. I think you would need something very sturdy and something that wouldn't decay or break when you wear it, such as onion skins. This reminds me of these type of clothes my teacher was telling me about in her culture. In the Philippines, they have a type of male clothing ( I think ) that was made of out pineapple fibres. Which seems really cool. Also deep fried fish skin tastes really amazing! But thats unrelated.

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