Boy’s fish skin costume

Wenfeng You, a Hezhe woman, made this outfit for her grandson using 25 salmon, which were caught by family members. She scraped, dried and worked the skins to make them light and soft as cotton, yet durable, waterproof and cold-resistant. She pieced them together in accordance with the colour and scale patterns of the fish.

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Why do the Hezhe people rarely make clothing out of fish skin anymore?

responded: Mar 31, 2010

Posted by Natalia Nekrassova

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Their life has changed: today they are not isolated from the world around them like it was before. They can travel to any destination to acquire goods which they need and it is much easier and less time consuming than to make garments from fish skin. Also there is no that abundance of fish in the rivers any more like it was, say, 100 years ago. Many rivers are polluted, many dams have been constructed and it influences the natural life.

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