This page uses the Generic Two Column With Subnav page template.

Here is a table inserted in CK Editor with the Table button, then updated by right-clicking to use Table Properties, Row > Insert Row After and so on.

It has an empty caption, a summary (which does not render, but shows up in HTML for SEO / accessibility) and both first row & first column are "headers" in the CK Editor "Table properties" dialog. The header cells are styled by CSS, and even / odd rows have different background colours automatically applied.

row / column column A column B column C
row 1 I am 1A 1B lives here this is 1C
row 2 row 2 col A row 2 and column B last one in row: 2C
row 3 row 3, col A r3 cB 3C
row 4 4A 4B 4C


About this template:
Other pages (like a Program Event Detail page) use the same layout, but in a custom template for the specialised document type.

That is all for now!