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wedding dress
wedding dress
late 20th century,
Asia: Central Asia, Afghanistan, Northern Afghanistan


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Mission, Vision, Values


The Textile Museum of Canada's mission is to engage the public in the discovery, appreciation and understanding of diverse cultural experiences through the art and craft of textiles, both past and present, and through this rich lens advance understanding of local and global issues.


The Textile Museum of Canada will excel as a national cultural institution anchored in the
local community, ensuring relevance through our ability to reflect the evolving richness and diversity of cultural experiences through the materials of everyday lives, and engaging national and international audiences through the agility and responsiveness of innovative research, exhibition and educational programs.


The Textile Museum of Canada is guided by four key personal and professional values:

  • We are audience/visitor centred and provide an accessible, welcoming environment for visitors, volunteers, members and staff
  • We foster generosity of spirit
  • We believe in community and cultural diversity
  • We respect the contributions of individuals
  • We practice high museological standards as we preserve and promote textiles of worldwide significance
  • We foster a culture of philanthropy
  • We value a healthy and sustainable organization
  • We are committed to life-long learning
  • We reach out to a broad sector of the population through our core programs
  • We offer a model of museums as sites of knowledge and platforms for knowledge-generation, producing new understanding through our exhibitions, programs and digital initiatives.
  • We play a key role in the broader arts ecology, mentoring and training new generations and offering opportunities for creative and scholarly research
Innovation and Agility
  • We nurture research and artistic creativity, facilitating new perception through a range of media and activities
  • We readily embrace a diversity of communities and opinions that enhance and expand an institutional culture focused on community relevance and engagement
  • We are an agile, responsive partner to a range of collaborators, disciplines and sectors.
  • We are a leader in new technology development and the integration of mobile platforms in the cultural and heritage sector.

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