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  • Exhibition: Permanent Collection Gallery: An Iconography of Celebration
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Image Artifact Name Date/Period Cat. No.
apron apron, liphotu
Africa: Southern Africa, South Africa; goat skin; glass bead; brass; Plant; beaded; tasseled; Ndebele
late 20th century
ceremonial mask ceremonial mask
Africa: West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire; sisal; knitted; braided; fringed; Senufo
1900 - 1999;
20th century
dress dress, jhuladi
Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat, Kutch; cotton; silk; glass mirror; satin; embroidered; mirror work
1950 - 1980;
mid to late 20th century
headdress headdress
Asia: East Asia, China; wire; silver; coiled; stamped; Miao
1950 - 1990;
mid to late 20th century
hooked rug hooked rug, "Beaver and Four Stars"
North America: Canada; nylon; wool; cotton; plain woven; hooked; knitted; dyed
c 1940;
mid 20th century
jacket jacket
Africa: Central Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo; cotton; rayon; plain woven; roller printed
late 20th century
jacket jacket
Europe: Greece, Ionian Islands, Corfu; cotton; gold thread; copper; embroidered; couched; velvet
1880 - 1900;
late 19th century
jacket jacket
Asia: East Asia, China, Southern China, Guizhou Province; silk; feather; embroidered; hand-sewn; tasseled; Miao
1930 - 1970;
mid 20th century
kimono kimono, furisode
Asia: East Asia, Japan; silk; embroidered; couched; resist dyed; painted
1900 - 1929;
early 20th century
masquerade costume masquerade costume
Africa: West Africa, Côte d'Ivoire; sisal; knitted; braided; fringed; Senufo
1900 - 1980;
20th century
poncho poncho, trarican macun
South America: Southern South America, Chile, Araucania; wool; warp ikat; warp-faced; Mapuche
1850 - 1900;
mid to late 19th century
prayer rug prayer rug
Asia: East Asia, China, Eastern Turkestan; silk; cotton; knotted pile; Uigur
1890 - 1930;
late 19th to early 20th century
1 - 12 of 16 Results
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