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The Textile Museum of Canada's permanent collection contains more than 13,000 textiles and spans almost 2,000 years and 200 world regions. This diverse collection includes fabrics, ceremonial cloths, garments, carpets, quilts and related artifacts which reflect the cultural and aesthetic significance that cloth has held over the centuries. Explore the significant portion of the TMC collection that is now available on line as we continue to add more records on a regular basis.

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Explore our holdings by either browsing or searching the collection. Every object record is accompanied by high quality digital images as well as an interactive “zooming” application.

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Europe: Eastern Europe, Balkans, Albania
1880 - 1920; late 19th to early 20th century



Asia: South Asia, India, Western India, Gujarat, Saurashtra
1960 - 1980; mid to late 20th century