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Advanced Search allows you to query the field(s) of your choice. Type what you are looking for in the blank fields or browse in the search boxes to view a list of collection-related terms present in the Museum's database. Additional search boxes will appear where selections may be further narrowed. Click on the Search button at the bottom of this page to find your results.

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Advanced Search Tips

Interested in finding a backstrap loom?
Type this phrase into Keywords & Phrases.

Interested in finding certain types of objects such as footwear?
Select Clothing-Footwear under Artifact Type and choose from the footwear terms that display in the adjacent field.

Interested in exploring the cultures represented in the collection?
Choose a country; a corresponding Culture/People field will appear; choose from the cultures listed.

Interested in wool objects or when an object was made?
Browse the Materials or Date Based Criteria to find the corresponding terms you seek.

Combining terms will narrow your search.