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Donating Your Textiles to the TMC

Initially, you must contact our Curatorial Team so that they can assess the item(s). Kindly forward images of the item(s) to them along with a description of the textiles and what you know about their history. You may send this information via email or to the attention of the Acquisitions Committee, c/o Natalia Nekrassova, Curator, Collections and Research at our postal address.

The Curatorial Team reviews each item presented for possible donation to the collection. If an item meets with our collecting priorities, you will be asked to bring the item to the Museum. Each item is assessed and must meet the approval of our Acquisitions Committee and Board of Trustees. An independent appraisal is conducted to assess the value of the piece and a tax receipt is issued for the value of the item. This process can take several months.

The Museum began collecting textiles in the 1970s and has amassed a collection of more than 12,000 textiles representing more than 200 regions of the world. As a result we are no longer in a position to accept every item we are offered. In general, we collect historical textiles that are primarily hand made or hand embellished including: rugs, carpets, clothing and accessories, household items, ceremonial cloth and a limited number of small hand tools.

We do not collect fashion garments (most 20th century western clothing, vintage wedding dresses and christening gowns), large tools and equipment (looms, spinning wheels, frames, and sewing machines), commercially manufactured textiles or archival records. At the present time we are not collecting contemporary art.

Curator working in the collection.  Photo: Brent LewinVintage textiles from the Museum ShopInfo for Textile Owners