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The Textile Museum of Canada offers a broad variety of exhibitions including themed shows based on our permanent collection and contemporary exhibitions of the work of Canadian and international artists. We produce exhibitions, whether of traditional or non-traditional textiles, that illuminate contemporary life.

Here you can investigate exhibitions currently on view at the TMC and learn about exciting future projects. You can also explore 17 years of exhibition programming at the TMC through the Past Exhibitions feature.

What's On

From Ashgabat to Istanbul: Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections

From Ashgabat to Istanbul: Oriental Rugs from Canadian Collections
Until April 19 , 2015

Good Beginnings

Good Beginnings: Children's Hats and Clothing from China
Until May 24 , 2015



Online Projects

An interactive web and mobile app that brings the city to life in stories and memories that show the significant role textiles have played in shaping Toronto.

Social Fabric
Become part of the Social Fabric! Choose a textile, choose a question, join the conversation.

In Touch: Connecting Cloth, Culture + Art
Explore how textiles are created and the characters that bring them to life or become a textile special agent and use your knowledge to preserve the stories told by cloth for future generations.

Digital Threads
View new dynamic artist projects that link to 50 exhibitions and 17 years of programming at the TMC.

Canadian Tapestry: The Fabric of Cultural Diversity
See thousands of artifacts
from the TMC's permanent collection and explore Canada's
cultural diversity through cloth.

Cloth and Clay
Explore over 2,000 years of Mexican, Central and South American culture and history.