Handheld is the TMC’s new technology program, supporting the use of mobile technology as an enhanced interpretive tool in all TMC educational programming. Complementing the Museum’s teaching collection of tactile artifacts, digital tablets are now being used to further extend the sensory engagement with TMC exhibitions, fulfilling our mission to be equally “high touch” and “high tech.”

As part of Handheld, museum educators and docents use tablets on tours to show multimedia content, providing context about the makers, cultures and techniques featured in our exhibitions. Mobile technology also provides access to the Museum’s vast collection online, eliminating barriers that are otherwise necessary for the preservation of these precious artifacts. Activities in the galleries now involve the use of apps to create visual art, dramatic responses, or oral history projects, authenticating participants own creative expression and allowing them to share their own knowledge and experiences related to textiles.

Through Handheld and the TMC’s
TXTilecity mobile platform, our programming is effectively extended beyond the physical walls of the Museum, providing new forms of outreach to communities and allowing us to better address our real world setting. The use of these basic tools allows the Museum to not only enrich our programs but to engage and support different individual learning styles and cultivate the multiple literacies necessary to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Handheld is presented with the generous support of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through the Museum Technology Fund as well as the Hal Jackman Foundation.