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Daily 11:00 am - 5:00pm
Wednesdays 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

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June Lee
Museum Shop Manager
(416) 599-5321 ex. 2233

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Featured Artist

Liz Menard's Etchings on Textiles

Liz is a Toronto-based printmaker, visual artist, and educator who's practice includes drawing, painting, and printmaking. Liz is particularly interested in landscapes and how our perception of the landscape helps us to define who we think we are. Her affinity to water - especially fens, bogs, streams and lakes as well as the life that these systems support can be seen in her etchings on textiles.

In this series, Liz combines traditional handwork, textiles, and time-honoured printmaking techniques in order to create work that examines our need to nurture and protect our threatened and fragile environment. To create these pieces, Liz hand prints etched copper plate images on vintage textiles such as linen or cotton using French inks. Each image depicts recognizable scenes - reflections of trees in a lake, shorelines and bogs - which are cut apart and then sewn back together. The materials and techniques she uses have stood the test of time which suggests permanency, endurance and stability. However, the divided images, frayed edges and uneven stitches suggest the instability of the subject matter. Liz hopes that her work will challenge viewers to engage in dialogue about our increasingly threatened environment and our need to help it withstand present day stresses.

You can find Liz Menard's work at the TMC Shop.

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Liz Menard Liz Menard Liz Menard